85 Pratap Khand Jhilmil Colony, Shahdara, Delhi

Mortuary Box


Providing Free Air Conditioned Mortuary Box Service- SBSĀ provides the Total Mortuary Box – 6 Used for 9000 Mortal Remains at the residence of the claimants where the dead-body needs to be preserved for several hours before its cremation/burial. Following cases require this service where:

  • The arrival of the relatives is delayed and/or awaited
  • Post-Mortem Cases with a considerable time elapsing before cremation of the body
  • Infected Bodies
  • Extreme heat during summers
  • There is a towering demand for the same in summers. The transportation of the refrigerated box to and from the place of requirement and installation is all done by the organization on cost-free basis. The service has been provided for more than 9000 dead bodies.

This organization has provided this service for over 8000 corpses

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