85 Pratap Khand Jhilmil Colony, Shahdara, Delhi



Cremation Service- 13000 Cremations Done

  • Patients at the hospitals in critical need of Blood-Transfusion with severe health problems, diseases and/or to undergo treatment or to be operated having none from the family to donate blood and/or patients with high Blood-Transfusion requirements
  • Cases of road-accidents having emergent Blood-Transfusion requirement due to intense Blood-loss
  • Individuals being scheduled for undergoing treatment/operation at the concerned hospital
  • Women undergoing delivery-case at the hospital if requiring Blood-Transfusion as and when reported by the concerned hospital
  • Casualties succeeding natural calamities or Man-Made Disaster
  • Severe infections such as Dengue Fever requiring Blood-Transfusion to cover-up the Blood loss
  • Blood Components including Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Whole Blood, and Jumbo-Packs that are observant of high demands were provided.
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