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Blood Donation

Blood Donation
Blood Donation

NGO Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS Foundation) has organized 147 Voluntary Blood Donation Camps collecting and providing approx. 18000 units of blood to the needy, free of any cost.

Following category of cases were considered whilst providing this service:

  • Patients at the hospitals in critical need of Blood-Transfusion with severe health problems, diseases and/or to undergo treatment or to be operated having none from the family to donate blood and/or patients with high Blood-Transfusion requirements
  • Cases of road-accidents having emergent Blood-Transfusion requirement due to intense Blood-loss
  • Individuals being scheduled for undergoing treatment/operation at the concerned hospital
  • Women undergoing delivery-case at the hospital if requiring Blood-Transfusion as and when reported by the concerned hospital
  • Casualties succeeding natural calamities or Man-Made Disaster
  • Severe infections such as Dengue Fever requiring Blood-Transfusion to cover-up the Blood loss
  • Blood Components including Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Whole Blood, and Jumbo-Packs that are observant of high demands were provided.

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